Moonlight Novels

The Sickly Youngest Member of the Villainous Family

Author: 준예 | Junye

Alternative names: TSYMVF, 악당 가문의 병약한 막내님

Genres: Fantasy, Romance

Translator: Lurelia

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 5]

Latest Releases:

I was reincarnated as “Sasha Winchester,” the youngest daughter of the Empire’s greatest villain family.

“Sasha” is a presenceless extra with a sickly body, destined to face a sad ending after being neglected.

I can’t just blow away my reincarnated life like this!

I promised myself to live quietly, run away from home at the right time, and find a cure, but…

“You actually understand everything I’m saying, right?”


“From my point of view, you are no ordinary stupid baby.”

“I’ll find out everything… You’ll see.”

I’m still only one year old, but what is this kind of ordeal?

Why are you guys so quick to catch on?

And what’s with this blue status window that only I can see?!

[You have achieved the attention of the Duke of Winchester.]

“The only punishment for the crime of threatening my daughter is pain and death.”

“I’m glad …. You’re not hurt anywhere.”

“How dare you lay a hand on my younger sister.”

And the hidden secret of the male lead, Evan, who I finally meet!

But… The original I saw doesn’t end like this?

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