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The Princess Broke Off Her Engagement, And Thanks To That, I Am Happy

Author: Ichini Nana | 御鹿なな

Alternative names: PBETTIAH, 王女様に婚約を破棄されましたが、おかげさまで幸せです

Genres: Drama, HistoricalRomanceShoujo

Translator: Cheeva

Status: Ongoing

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Countess Sereia is forced to accept the annulment of her engagement to Harold, her childhood friend—succumbing to the selfish princess who fell in love with him. By King Lorant—father of the selfish Princess, Sereia is then ordered to marry a frontier count who unexpectedly declares her as a mere display wife and treats her coldly.

Harold, on the other hand, is not yet ready to give up on Sereia. With his feelings for her growing, he goes off to a dangerous war zone…

* * *

This is about three human beings whose wills are forced; a staunch knight who is single-mindedly devoted to his first love, a woman who solemnly accepts her fate, and a frontier nobleman who finally takes pity on his “fake wife”.

Who will each of them end up with?


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