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The Perfect Plan to Avoid the Death Ending

Author: 은자

Alternative Names: PPADE, 사망 엔딩을 피하는 완벽한 플랜

Genres: Fantasy, Romance

Translator: Dissa

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 4]

Latest Releases:

“I am Jerei Eckbert. You woke me up.”
“…Yeah? Who are you?”
“Thank you, master.”

I awakened a sealed demon. That’s not enough and I even got a fraudulent contract?

“This contract is in effect until you de.”
“It’s a perpetual contract. You innocent girl.”
“…Is that the deadline?.”

His blue eyes flustered in shock. That’s why I don’t know who was scammed.


Thanks to the contract, I found a cure for an incurable disease. It’s good, it’s really good… That demon is a little, no, very weird.

“Then, let’s pretend we didn’t do that and do it again.”

I gently pushed the approaching face away.

“What are you doing? That’s what you do with your lover!”
“Then we must do it.”

Jerei, who has been mumbling in my hand, rolled his eyes, smiled and kissed the palm of my hand.

“Because we’re much closer than lovers.”


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