Moonlight Novels

The Heroine Took The Villain Script

Author: Selina

Alternative names: THTVS, 女主拿了反派剧本

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Adventure, Historical, Action

Translator: Fairooz

Status: Ongoing

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Latest Releases:

Transmigrate into the book and be the villain?!

He Tiantian said–

To be the villain is to be the biggest villain.

Take the path of the villain, leaving the main villain nowhere to go!


[Starting as a liar]

He Tiantian: How can you say it’s a lie? This is our job as an emotional escort!

[The whole family is the best]

He Tiantian pouted: Who is the best? We are obviously true temperaments!


Others use their whole lives to heal their childhood but He Tiantian said: I have reached the pinnacle of life by being a villain!

(Quick wear, but there is no fixed CP in the small world!)

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