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The Heroine has Her Eyes on Me as Her Brother’s Wife

Author: Chae Yoohwa | 채유화

Alternative names: HEBW, 여주인공이 나를 새언니로 점찍었다

Genre: FantasyRomanceShoujo

Translator: It_Z

Editor: wgpg

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 7]

Latest Releases:

This is the world of an R-19 novel based on Little Red Riding Hood, this time with a princess who eats the Wolf. The problem is, that wolf is my younger brother. I hid deep in the forest so that Red Riding Hood wouldn’t find us. The goal is to escape to the human world safely!

And then one day. I found a child collapsed in the snow-covered forest. You can’t just pass by a sick child. I brought her home thinking I could treat her– of all people, she was the female lead, and said, “I don’t remember anything.”

To make matters worse, she lost her memory in an accident!

“I like you the best in the world!”

I was afraid of death, but couldn’t drive the sick child away coldly, so I took good care of her. Don’t forget your gratitude, even if you get your memory back later. But this kid–

“What’s your ideal type?”

“I like tall, broad-shouldered men.”

“A handsome man? How handsome?”

I think you have a lot of questions about me. It’s my fault that your eyes shine when I talk about my ideal type, right?


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