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The Extra Decided to be Fake

Author: 은해윤 | Haeyun Eun

Alternative names: TEDF, 엑스트라는 가짜가 되기로 했다

Genres: Fantasy, Romance

Translator: Bree

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 7]

Latest Releases:

The Duke’s lost daughter has returned.

The birth of a child living with poor treatment in a nursery school was discovered belatedly.

Everyone embraced her and greeted her with open arms.

But I, the person in charge, wasn’t happy at all.

Because this place wasn’t mine.

* * *

Be me and… Live up to my part.”

My friend who died after leaving those words was the princess of the nursery school where I live.

However, the fragile child was unable to survive the winter, when the cold wave was extremely harsh.

On the verge of death, what she told me was the secret of her birth.

I went to a man with her belongings.

The father of my friend, and the only duke in this country, who lost his daughter.

“I am the daughter of the Duke.”

For the first time, I spoke a lie I had never said before.

It didn’t matter even if the truth was revealed, and she was denounced as a villain.

I wish I could give her everything she wanted.


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