Moonlight Novels

The Endless Dark Game

When you wake up, you find yourself in a world of endless darkness, where everyone is the same as you, with only a single room and endless darkness outside.

In the darkness, there is both opportunities and danger.

No one knows if death or glory awaits them once they exit the room, and everything depends on their own good fortune to explore.

But luckily, you can actually see the hints in the dark.

[The woman in red outside has finally left, you now have twenty minutes to go ahead and explore.]

[Remember, after going out, there is a box placed thirty meters in front of your right, bring it back, there will be a gift outside.]

[Fifty meters ahead of you on your left, there is a nest of mysterious insect eggs there, bring it back, it will also have an unexpected effect.]

[Don’t go straight, there is a poisonous snake that is watching you closely.]

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