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The Curse Is Not Over

Author: 쑥쥬

Alternative names: TCINO, 저주는 끝나지 않았다

Genres: DramaFantasyHistoricalRomance

Translator: Orphic Disha

Status: To be updated

[Total: 7]

Latest Releases:

A curse that did not allow even death~

“I will ensure the destruction of Helsdante”

Carnephelia Helsdante, the empty second princess of the empire, stole everything from her first love through the schemes of her half-brother.

Helis Spenbach, the boy who lost everything, cursed and despised the imperial family and their greed.

Their relationship, twisted by resentment and anger, could no longer be fixed by mere apologies. In an attempt to end this misfortune, Carnephelia killed her half-brother, Ianfried.

She did not hesitate.

However, the moment Ianfried died, the ‘Blessing of Helsdante’ became her curse, granting her another life.

A curse that did not allow even death.

“I will destroy Helsdante.”

She would make Ianfried pay. She would protect Helis this time around.

But why…

“Carnephelia…” His hands trembled

‘Why are you looking at me with those eyes? You shouldn’t remember anything in this life.’


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