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The Carefree Duchess’ Coffee House

Author: 누오바 | Nuoba

Alternative names: CDCH, 느긋한 공작 부인의 커피하우스

Genres: Fantasy, Romance

Translator: Nezu

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 29]

Latest Releases:

After entering into a marriage of convenience, Roana decides to enjoy life’s pleasures and live a leisurely life. While taking a stroll, she finds a familiar-looking fruit in the garden and uses her knowledge from her previous life to recreate coffee.

She recreated it for her to enjoy her leisurely life, planning only to drink a bit whenever she reads but…

“My head is clearer and I’m more energetic than usual. New ideas keep popping into my head. What in the world is this? A drug? Just what is the name of this drink?”

“…Thank you for letting me have this wonderful drinking experience.”

“This is my first time drinking something like this!”

“This is so… so delicious!”

…but the people in this world loved coffee too much?

“You weren’t scared of me. That’s what I like about you, so much so that my heart hurts.”

And her husband, Claus, who was supposed to be unsociable and cold, is acting somewhat strange…

Will Roana be able to enjoy her coffee life?


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