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The Abandoned Lady Lives in a Dollhouse

Author: Bubllea

Alternative names: TALLD, 버림받은 영애는 인형의 집에서 산다

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Drama

Translator: seiggy

Status: Dropped

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Latest Releases:

The daughter who was abandoned by a mistress. That was what Juno was known as. When she had lost everything, Peter Sergien, a great alchemist, makes an offer in the dollhouse.

“I will change everyone’s opinion of you as a woman who was kicked out and sold by the family mistress. You shall be the object of envy.”

As time passes, the rumors surrounding Juno become more and more outrageous. A new owner has appeared in the dollhouse.

“I’m Juno Sergien, the alchemist.”

A person who no longer falters or bows down to someone. Juno’s reputation starts to be seen in a new light.


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