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The God of Beauty is the Treasure of the World and Cannot be Monopolized

Author: 木鱼歌

Alternative names: TGOBITTOTWACBM, 美神是世界的瑰宝,不准独占[希腊神话]

Genre: Shounen Ai, Fantasy

Translator: onee-chan

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 2]

Latest Releases:

He is the god of love and desire, he is also the embodiment of the most beautiful in the world.

There are two options for his future: One is to wander among the gods and let loose. The second is to become a treasure that all the gods cannot get, to be held in the palm of the hands of the gods, and not to be desecrated.

Why are there only these two choices, because the pantheon he was born into is… the extravagant and notoriously unscrupulous Greek pantheon!

#As the most beautiful and not very powerful god, I want to get rid of their claws and become self-reliant#


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