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Romélia Senki

Author: Ryo Ariyama

Alternative names: RS, ロメリア戦記~魔王を倒した後も人類やばそうだから軍隊組織した~

Genre: Drama, Adventure

Translator: Bane

Status: Ongoing

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Latest Releases:

“Romé, no, Countess Romélia. I can no longer do this with you. I am breaking off our engagement. We will part as soon as I return to my country.”

Prince Henri announced this to me while I was still rejoicing the long-awaited defeat of Zergis, the Demon King.

But the prince did not know, I have the miraculous power of “Grace”. 

This is a re-published version of the previously published Romélia Senki: The engagement was broken when the Demon King was defeated.


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