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Rebirth of the Wealthy Villainess

Author: 默栩

Alternative names: RWV, 原来我是豪门反派[重生

Genre: Romance, Modern, Rebirth

Translator: ShinMin

Editor: Oriqimi

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 1]

Latest Releases:

As the heiress of a rich family, Su Man was the perfect combination of beauty, intelligence and wealth.

However, before she had reached middle age, all semblance of family affection, power, wealth, and love had vanished from her life.

It turned out that she had been the villain of a novel all along. Upon death, she was reborn back to the beginning where hidden dangers lurked.

What of the patriarchal elders in her family? What of the “illegitimate brother” of a business genius? What of the “messenger of justice” who’d hindered the relationship between her and her husband?

Foiling the plans of the “heaven-blessed” transmigrator, she would write her life anew as a business legend.

Career, power, and love – she wanted them all!


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