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Portable Space: Little Miracle Doctor

Author: 葫芦儿

Alternative names: PSLMD, 随身空间:神医小农女

Genre: Transmigration 

Translator: Setras

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 1]

Latest Releases:

The Ace Military Doctor Yan Xiaoshi travels through time and becomes a weak and sickly son, Yan Xiaosi, in ancient times. There is his loving mother and three sisters who treasure him like a precious treasure. However, his mother calls him son and his three sisters call him fourth brother. But, when did she become a man? Upon feeling herself, she has all the right parts. It’s just that living in a cramped house is really unbearable. Yan Xiaosi, starving to the point of dizziness, decides to make money to support her family and make her mother and three sisters as beautiful as flowers. However, the wild man she picked up on a whim becomes entangled with her. ‘Dear Xiaosi, I like you.’ Yan Xiaosi: ‘…I am a man.’ Wild man: ‘But I don’t mind cutting off my sleeves for you.’


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