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Please Spare Me A Tail [Apocalypse]

Author: 西大秦

Alternative Names: PSMAT, 《尾巴分我一条[末世]》作者:西大秦

Genres: Action, Apocalypse, Romance, Supernatural

Translator: Wen

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 1]

Latest Releases:

Bai XiaoHu has been a nine-tailed fox since birth and is always proud of her nine big and fluffy tails. However, when she was going through ‘heaven’s test’, the judgmental lightning burned all nine of her tails, leaving her with an empty back.
Bai Xiaohu was shocked, devastated, and raged; she has no choice but to look all over the world trying to find a way to grow her tails back.
Then she suddenly recalled that she once encountered a poor little white kitten several hundred years back, and to help him become enlightened, she offered him fur from each of her nine tails, helping to cultivate him into a nine-tail cat. Since his tails came from hers, if he is willing to give her one tail, she can attach it back to herself!
Thus, she started looking for that nine-tailed cat everywhere, only to find out he isn’t a part of the heavenly court and instead reincarnated into a human and had gone through several lives in the mortal world. In addition, the moral world he is now in is raging evil energy, which will cause it to collapse soon.

As the leader of the No. 1 mercenary team in the ‘last days’, Lu Ye was always respected and feared by everyone up until a little girl joined his team.
The little girl looked quite delicate, but super empowered when beating the zombies. Lu Ye’s only problem is that she keeps staring at his butt.
Unable bear it anymore, Lu Ye cornered the girl: “What are you looking at after all?”
But who would’ve expected the girl to suddenly burst into tears: “Where’re your tails?”


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