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Phoenix Descends – Queen with a Thousand Pets

Author: Tiangouyueyan, 天狗月炎

Alternative names: Fenglin Tianxia – Queen with a Thousand Pets, PDQTP, 凤临天下: 一后千宠

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Josei, Mystery, Romance

Translator: Setras

Status: Ongoing

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Latest Releases:

The Maritime Queen has arrived. Losers get out of the way! Father and brother ruined, mother dead in vain, family fortune stolen. Crossing over from another world, Ling Qingyu swore to the heavens: you will return all that you have taken from me! She relies on her talent, knowledge and tremendous courage to build a merchant empire step by step. By coincidence, she attracts many talented, handsome men to her flag: traveling abroad requires a loyal and cold-blooded killer, a gentle general who sweeps through thousands, a peerless and free-spirited scholar…


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