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My Husband Who Abandoned Me Suddenly Became Obsessed With Me

Author: 디올 부케

Alternative names: HWAMSO, 날 버렸던 남편이 갑자기 집착한다

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Translator: Ibarada

Editor: Emerald

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 5]

Latest Releases:

He was an indifferent fiancé.
Not knowing that his fiancée was abused.

But suddenly he started taking care of me.
He separated from the abusive marquis and helped them become independent.

Why was the Duke of Seehorn Blair taking care of me by taking time out of his busy schedule?
I foolishly expected that he might have come to love me.
However, the result of my courageous confession was a callous refusal.

“I admit that my words and actions were worthy of misunderstanding, but I don’t love you. It can never be. You are ‘the enemy who poisoned me’.”

Before returning, I was the villain who poisoned her husband.
After the return, the Duke of Seehorn Blair only edified me to prevent a pre-planned tragedy.

If that were true, there was no place for me to stand here.
In the present reality, I did not kill him, but I was willing to disappear for the sake of the one I love.

“…Thank you for that. I will never appear in front of you again.”

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