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My Ears Said They Want To Meet You

Author: 七宝酥 (Qi Bao Su) 

Alternative names: MESTWMY, 耳朵说它想认识你

Genre: Modern, Romance, Online to IRL

Translator: Hina

Status: Ongoing

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Latest Releases:

Pu Tao heard a voice that made her fall madly in love and she could not sleep.

The second day, she secretly messaged the owner of the voice: it’s not my intention to pester you, but my ears said they want to meet you.


Chen Su met a bold girl.

She didn’t only pester him for his contact and wanted him to send voice messages saying ‘good night’ every day.

Later on, he thought that it was his loss if he didn’t become her boyfriend after selling his voice for so long.

One night before bed, he said, “I can’t let you freeload off me again.”

The girl was horrified and sent many gifts on stream the next day.

He called out her ID and said, “You know that’s not what I meant.”


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