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Masters, Are You Going To Imprison My Sister?

Author: 별고래파이 | Star Whale Pie

Alternative names: MYGIP, 도련님들, 언니를 감금하실 건가요?

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Reverse Harem, R-15

Translator: Byoun 

Editor: Ersted

Status: Completed

[Total: 11]

Latest Releases:

“Sister, let’s change jobs!”

I was reincarnated in a R-19 novel!
The kind-hearted older sister was the female protagonist, and the three young masters we serve were bastards who imprisoned and bullied her.

“Lala. I don’t think that would happen. They give us a lot of money, and the welfare is good… When will we ever find another job like this?”

Shit! My sister doesn’t know anything.
In order to escape from the original work, I desperately interfered between my sister and the masters…


From a certain moment, the eyes of the three young masters looking at me are unusual!


If you know everything, you get more and more exhausted every time you try to change it!


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