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Married to a Man who Wants to Kill me

Author: 김날개

Alternative names: MMWK, 나를 죽이려는 남자와의 결혼 생활

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Translator: Sienna

Status: Ongoing 

[Total: 6]

Latest Releases:

The life of Lethenia, Empress of Asha, is a tragedy.

People point fingers at her as a wicked woman.

The emperor, who she loved with all her heart, fell in love with his maid.

Accused of being a witch, Lethenia, was executed in public.

It was the worst novel.

But one day I opened my eyes .

“Your acting is pretty good, this time.”

As soon as I saw this man, an unidentified torment of emotions clung to me.

‘…love and hate?’

Yeah, obviously this isn’t my feeling.

The emotions of Lethenia, a villainess who loved the male lead Ian Hart, are conveyed intact.

It was unfortunate.

* * *

“I won’t really bother you anymore.”


“I don’t mind if you love another girl, really.”

Ian raised one corner of his mouth slightly.

There was an alternation of wonder and curiosity in his eyes.

“I’m a little surprised you said that.”

He replied in a subdued voice.

“It’s good if you don’t bother me.”


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