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Looking for a Husband to Confine Me

Author: 한여온

Alternative names: LHCM, 나 감금해 줄 남편 구함

Genres: Fantasy, Romance

Translator: Athanasia

Editor: Doom_Chicken

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 11]

Latest Releases:

She became the heroine of regrets.

Betrayed by her fiance, and married to a madman full of possessiveness and obsession, her body and mind were weakened and destined to die.

‘I don’t want to die!’

If this was the case, my life will have a sad ending, a bad ending, and a merry-bad ending!
I should find a husband who will marry me to prevent it from going the way it was.

Confine me in the name of protection so that I can’t meet my ex-fiancé who’s going to sell me out because he needs money and who’s going to hang on to me belatedly, and who doesn’t want my love…!

Don’t I need a husband to lock me up?


I found a man who met the conditions and stamped the contract with a bang.

He can now pretend to love me and confine me.

“Do you still think I’m acting?”

Why are you coming into my bed?

“I was looking at you from the beginning.”

My husband seems to be too immersed in acting.
Look, all I need you to do is lock me up?


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