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Immortal Destiny

Author: Shujinkouron

Alternative names: ID, Takdir Keabadian

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

Translator: Jam

Editor: Toxicella

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 2]

Latest Releases:

Fate? I will be the one who decide it.

When there are no more humans,

No more devils and gods,

No more heaven and earth,

No more universe,

I will still be there. I am the Immortal.


This story tells about Li Hao, a young man who lived alone in Peach Blossom Mountain until one day, he met experts from orthodox and unorthodox factions.

The meeting finally changed Li Hao’s fate. By learning from the two heroes, Li Hao began to walk the path to immortality.

Accompanied by the Little Dragon, his loyal magical donkey, Li Hao travels the Eastern Star Continent, encountering many obstacles while helping many people and making many friends.


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