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I’m Sure It’s My Baby

Author: 한민트

Alternative names: ISIMB, 내 아이가 분명해

Genres: Fantasy, Isekai, Romance

Translator: Orphic Disha

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 7]

Latest Releases:

She was born again as the eldest daughter of a baron after being hit by a reincarnation truck.
A harmonious family, a lovely sister and a simple estate.
I was going to live my whole life, sucking honey and being unemployed.

“How the hell did this happen?”
“Don’t you remember?”
“I do. I meant to say I don’t know how it went that way.”
“……who’s to say.”

She made a mistake with the duke, who is from one of the three most prestigious families of the Empire.
Well, that’s a possibility. Mistakes are inevitable.

But that day, my sister got caught up in something dangerous.
“Everyone will die if it’s known I’ve seen it. You have to run, sister.”

It’s not because of you that I ran away, is it?


“That must be my child, do you think you can fool me by lying like that?”
“Are you claiming that I raised your child by turning her into my younger sister’s child to pretend that I wasn’t pregnant?”
“I didn’t say that! I’m telling you to admit that it’s my child!”

It’s been five years, so isn’t it time for the mistake to be forgotten?
This is driving me crazy

“Still, it’s not my son’s fault, so I’ll pay for child support in moderation. Go back to the countryside.”
My mother-in-law held out an envelope

“I was so curious. Who took my light blue dress from the Duke’s room?”
The flower of the society is talking nonsense.

“It’s the union of Clausener and Aren… … It’s too dangerous.”
The Empress is hostile.

I wanted to live quietly and just make some money, but I think I’ll have to kill everyone to protect my baby.

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