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I Thought a Villainess’ Divorce Would Be Easy

Author: Lee Ru Nyang, 이루냥

Alternative names: ITAVDWBE, 악녀의 이혼은 쉬울 줄 알았다

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Translator: Rosciel

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 3]

Latest Releases:

I became the soon-to-be duchess who’ll end up divorced when the female lead arrives.

Anthea had a sickly body, an awful temperament, and died in an ending fitting of a villainess.

“I’ll use this pretty face of mine. I won’t die as a low-quality villainess.”

The count is my guardian and I will steal everyone’s hearts in the count’s estate. I would often collapse due to my sickly body, but I was at least able to move. All of this is for the happiness I’ll attain after my divorce.

As expected, I had a political marriage, so if I act like a villainess, then I’ll be divorced, but it isn’t easy as I thought?

“Goodness, Madam you’re so kind. I’ll follow you forever.”

“Our Madam has a pretty face and a pretty heart.”

Every bad deed I did was perceived as a kind act.

“Wife, if you can’t fall asleep, I can make you tired.”

The cold duke, Richard, why are you doing this? Your character has completely changed from the novel.

Let’s stay far away from each other. Please stop clinging to me. Because if this continues, I’ll become emotionally attached to you.


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