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I Raised My Younger Sister Beautifully

Author: 나르얀

Artist: C.Seryl

Alternative names: IRYSB, 동생을 예쁘게 키웠다

Genre: Romance, Fantasy

Translator: innocentdiablerie

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 3]

Latest Releases:

The imperial family collapsed in one night. By Basilisk, the summoner of darkness; summoned by Fletta, the Cursed Princess.

“If there is a next life… Can I really be your sister?”

Would it have been different if I had approached you a little more?

It was the last time everyone regretted it, and like a miracle, time returned to six years ago. If this is the second chance given to us…

‘Yes, I’ll heal you. To prevent the awakening of the Basilisk’s darkness.’

So I decided.

“I look forward to your kind cooperation, Grand Duke Darian. No, Kylia.”

I decided to marry Fletta’s maternal uncle, Grand Duke Kylia.

I thought there would be no problem because it was a one-year contract marriage.

“Honey, ah, try it.”

“You have no idea how much I like you.”

“I will continue to like you. I want to express my affection to my heart’s content… Can’t I?”

What’s wrong with this guy?

When I try to save Fletta, the Grand Duke comes along with me (?)

Aren’t you the Monster Grand Duke…?


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