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I Lost My Memory, so I Decided to Rely on My Brother, Who Seemed to Be the Most Trustworthy in My Family

Author: 別所 燈

Alternative names: ILMSRB, 記憶喪失になったので、家族の中で一番信用できそうなお兄様を頼ることにしました

Genres: Fantasy, Romance

Translator: Bane/MadHatter

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 1]

Latest Releases:

A young girl, Maria, lives serenely in a monastery in a seaside town.

To tell the truth, her past is a mystery to her. Around two months ago, she was rescued on the beach.

On a certain day, a wealthy man who claimed to be Maria’s family showed up to visit her.

“Ah, Bianca, I am so glad to know you are safe.”

Who’s Bianca? In the first place, who are you guys?

Having suffered from amnesia, I decided to rely on my brother, who appeared to be the most trustworthy of the family.


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