Moonlight Novels

I Grabbed the Leash of the Blind Beast

Author: Kaye, 카예

Alternative names: IGTLBB, 눈먼 짐승의 목줄을 쥐었다 

Genre: JoseiRomance

Translator: susybunbun

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 3]

Latest Releases:

Unexpectedly, Rona grabbed the collar of the blind beast.

Grand Duke Eleon Clevent fell into the abyss from the Empire’s Greatest Knight. Rona succeeded in making Eleon, who is obsessed with anger and frustration, into a human being again.

Soon after, Rona found her family and left his side.… When the Grand Duke’s eyes were healed, he was desperately searching for her throughout the entire empire.

“Young Lady, have we met somewhere?”

“It’s my first time meeting you, Your Highness.”

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