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I Got Famous Making Cooking Livestreams In Space

Author: 烦烦不烦

Alternative names: GFMCL, 在星际做美食直播爆红了

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sci-fi, Shounen Ai, Slice of Life

Translator: Sy

Editor: SipsTea

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 2]

Latest Releases:

Lin Ning transmigrated into the future, inheriting the body of a fallen idol with a reputation worse than trash— a waste of a beautiful face that might as well have been gifted by the heavens themselves.

But all he loved was working with food, and so left the entertainment industry to tap into his cooking livestream potential, picking up a cold, distant kitty with crazy fighting skills on the way.

Who would’ve thought that he’d be under the spotlight once again, this time throughout the galaxy with his food? Fans scream and cry for the has-been idol to once again return onstage.


At first, the kitty only thought that Lin Ning was very special.

Then, film stars and bigshots began bugging Lin Ning daily.

On top of that, there were still those horrible rumors plaguing him.


The Marshal, who took on a human form so suddenly, pulled him close to his chest and announced, in front of the entirety of space:

“Lin Ning is mine.”


*Reject wild game for food*


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