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I Bought the Prince as a Slave to Get a Divorce

Author: 글뽑는자판기

Alternative names: IBPS, 이혼당하려고 황자를 노예로 사버렸다

Genre: Drama, Romance, Revenge

Translator: Delis

Status: Ongoing

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“Be my lover. Become my slave in my husband’s house.”

The central character of a shocking scandal that shook the entire kingdom was, surprisingly, the wife of Count Arcensis.

Irina Arcensis was envied by the whole kingdom for her marriage to Count Paris Arcensis, a man so handsome he was deemed a national treasure.

Her one and only sword began to point towards her husband who betrayed her.


“Are you really okay? Master.”

The veins above her solid arm muscles twitched. She looked back at him over her shoulder.

Under his dark hair, his golden eyes flickered with intense longing.

… She must have bought the wrong slave.


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