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I Became The Tyrant’s Limited Time Wife

Author: 안시하 | Ansiha

Alternative names: I Became The Tyrant’s Dying Wife / 폭군의 시한부 아내가 되었는데

Genre: RomanceFantasy, Historical, R-15, Drama

Translator: Byoun 

Editor: Renko

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 7]

Latest Releases:

I was reincarnated as  wife of tyrant Male lead, who was poisoned to death.

The problem was that this tyrant went completely crazy after my death and ruined the country.

We didn’t really like each other and it was a political marriage.

There are two years left.

“Let’s just live and see.”

If I pass the poison, I’ll get divorced and become free!’

For two years, I took antidote from time to time and developed resistance to various poison.

While I was doing it, I also took care of Male Lead’s health, who was in poor condition.

Because he can’t go crazy after divorce.

“Your Majesty, you seem to sleep  late every day. It’s good for your health to sleep early and wake up early.”

“Why does it matter to you?”

“Can’t you just say that you understand it just once?”

As a result, I just got a little closer to Male lead than the original.

“Why don’t you ask me if I had breakfast these days?”

“You’re healthy now. Do I have to?”


After safely passing the scheduled poisoning date of the original,

There was no need to continue the political marriage, so I sent a divorce letter.

I thought I only had the future left to become  free!

“Your Majesty? Why blood in your mouth! Blood!

“…Lea. I’m sick.”

Male lead, who emptied the glass, fell down.

With a smile.

“Ah…” Male Lead. You didn’t drink poison on purpose, right?


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