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I Became the Master of the Devil

Author: 쿠쿠즈

Alternative names: IBTMOTD, 악마의 주인님이 되어버렸다

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Translator: Alyalia

Status: Ongoing 

[Total: 4]

Latest Releases:

“Give me the strongest Norma.”

I possessed the villainess who blackened the male lead in the devastating novel. Having already possessed N times, I made up my mind. I’ll save the male lead, who was trapped in the basement, and escape.

“I will protect you.”

Finally, the identity of the male lead was revealed, and a happy ending was just around the corner.

What kind of abuse is this? Since I fed, dressed, and raised you, the only thing left for me to do was run away.  

“If you abandon me like this…”

Redian, who became the crown prince, held my hand tightly.

“I will chase you to hell, Master.”

The male lead is too immersed in it. 


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