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I Became the Crown Prince’s Exclusive Pastry Chef

Author: 호두과자 | Walnut Cake

Alternative names: CPEPC, 황태자의 전속 파티셰가 되었습니다

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Translator: Ayla

Editor: Emerald

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 2]

Latest Releases:

Would you like to taste it, the hand of this genius baker?

“I said I wanted to go to the same world as in the novel, but I didn’t mean to go into the novel!”

The day the bakery where I worked for 5 years went bankrupt and was cut off.
I fell asleep reading a novel that was stuck in the lost and found, is this the siren town in the novel?
It was the place where the prince, the male owner, got a job under the guise of a bakery and met future assistants.
If the Crown Prince leaves here with his assistant, this bakery will be empty.
The Crown Prince must have arrived, now we just have to go with the original story… Something is strange.
Why is the Crown Prince, his assistants, and even the female protagonist, all looking at me?

By the way, it looks like I possessed someone, but who the hell did I possess?


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