Moonlight Novels

I Became a Prison Officer of the First-Class Prisoners

Author: 바다C

Alternative names: IBPOFCP, 1급 죄수들의 교도관이 되었습니다

Genres: Drama, FantasyRomance

Translator: Lilac

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 25]

Latest Releases:

I possessed a prison officer in an R-19 novel.

‘Crazy. The prison officer who was killed by the male lead as soon as the novel starts?’

The problem is that this woman named Lemony is a public target for prisoners.

‘Wha-what, I don’t like it either. Damn prison!’

I play according to the original and barely try to escape from prison.

“Lemony, can you be my prison officer? I like taking orders too.”

The villain who flew from the next building suddenly confronted me,

“Where are you going, Lemony?”
“You have to keep an eye on me. You are my prison officer.”

The male lead who tried to kill me started to obsess over me.

Will I be able to escape from prison safely…..?


“Where are you going, Lemony?”

As I was about to leave the cell, I turned my head to the terribly low bass voice that came from behind me, and terrifyingly red eyes filled my field of vision.

“You have to take good care of the prisoner as the person in charge.”

He slowly approached me with a smile and quietly closed the iron bar I was trying to open and locked me in.

So, why would a prisoner imprison a prison officer….?

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