Moonlight Novels

I Became a Mother of a Sub-Male Son

Author: 르칸

Alternative names: IBAMOASMS, 서브남주 아들의 엄마가 되었습니다

Genres: Childcare, Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Translator: RJR

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 4]

Latest Releases:

After possessing an extra character with no weight as a ruined Viscount’s daughter in an ordinary romance fantasy novel book.

As soon as she opened her eyes, she was chased by debtors and ran away, and somehow she managed to flee and hide in a mountain valley village.

Then one day she witnessed a man beating a child in front of her house. She saved the child and brought him home… The problem is that the child always calls her mom and follows her everywhere.

Just as she was taking care of the child, drivers suddenly burst into her home. Then they mistook her for a kidnapper and dragged her away!

As it turned out, the child was the son of the Duke, the sub-male lead. He misunderstood her as a kidnapper and was busy on alert.

She was going to die of it, but the child likes her so much than somehow she became the babysitter of the child and got a job at the Duke’s House.

At what point did the Duke’s attitude towards her become strange?

“Why are you staring so hard?”

“Because you’re pretty.”

“Oh, yes… what!?”

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