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How to Safely Divorce An Obsessive Emperor

Author: 이윤아

Alternative names: HTSDAOE, 집착 황제와 안전하게 이혼하는 법

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Translator: KindapitiedMielle | RJR

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 5]

Latest Releases:

“You said you would give me anything I want. Then divorce me.”

It was the only way for Lasilia to live. Her husband will one day discover her secret and try to kill her.

The secret is that the bodies of Lasilia and her empress have changed!

The emperor had to welcome the companion he had been with since birth as the empress. Lasilia, whose body changed, was not his companion, and she would become a major threat to the Empire in the future.

Contrary to Lasilia, who is desperate for her divorce, the Emperor’s obsession level raises everday…

Can Lasilia get a divorce and get back to her life?

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