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How To Love A Witch

Author: Chocolate Devil (Cha Hye-jin), 초콜릿악마(차혜진)

Alternative names: HTLAW, 마녀를 사랑하는 방법

Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Romance

Translator: seiggy

Status: Dropped

[Total: 3]

Latest Releases:

“Do I have to get married?”

Ella, a Witch Princess, was fighting a war against the humans. To end it, she is married to someone from the Edelin Empire. Her husband is a slaughterer, the Black Reaper. He is a knight known throughout the continent, Duke Havel!

There she was in the duke’s castle, married and resigned to her fate. She was prepared to die by her husband’s hand…

“Why don’t we do this together for a hundred years?”

Instead of ending my life, my husband keeps bothering me.

Excuse me, but aren’t we supposed to be enemies?


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