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He Kisses The Moonlight

Author: 澄以

Alternative names: HKTM, 他吻月光

GenresModern, RomanceComedy

Translator: Kleyvanilla

Status: Ongoing

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Latest Releases:

It is rumored that the prince of a group who is worth tens of billions of dollars, Gu Lin, had fallen in love with Bai Yueguang who has been missing for many years. Gu Lin refused to associate with any woman and was waiting for Bai Yueguang to return.

One day in the rain, Gu Lin was driving by the side of the road, and the door of the car was suddenly opened, and a girl entered as she sat down in the passenger seat. The girl who sat in the passenger seat was dressed in white and looked ignorant. Her face was exactly the same as the photo of Bai Yueguang that Gu Lin put on his desk in his office.

Fang Qiao, whose family was on the verge of bankruptcy, received a call from a stranger. The other party claimed to be a member of the Gu Group. In order to open up the prince’s heart, he sincerely invited her to play the role of the woman Gu Lin had set his eyes on, Bai Yueguang since Fang Qiao and Bai Yueguang have the same face.

Fang Qiao and Crown Prince Gu Lin met under the rain, actively engaged in business, and finally stayed by his side.

Gu Lin is gentle and considerate, with superb cooking skills, and his eyes are always filled with tenderness. Fang Qiao couldn’t bear to fool the affectionate prince so she told him truth.

Fang Qiao: “Actually, I’m not her.”

Gu Lin: “No matter who you are, I like it.”

Fang Qiao felt that the prince was really obsessed with Bai Yueguang, so he would love whoever looked the same as her. Later on, she realized that the photo in Gu Lin’s office was photoshopped and that she was the white moonlight he had been thinking about for seven years.

Little Theater:

Gu Lin: She’s eccentric and cute. She likes sweets, reads novels, likes cats and dogs. I think the next time she sees me, she will like me.


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