Moonlight Novels

Extras to Rewrite from Scratch

Author: 김신우 (Kim Shin-woo)

Alternative names: ETRFS, 처음부터 다시 쓰는 엑스트라

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Translator: Nightmoon

Editor: DreamWyverns

Status: Ongoing

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Latest Releases:

<Congratulations! As a result of a careful review of your novel, ‘Dungeon & Monsters’ has been chosen by the mischievous god.>

<The content of the novel erodes reality.>

<The prologue of the novel ‘Dungeons & Monsters’ begins.>

I came into the novel <Dungeon & Monsters> which I wrote for the sake of boredom. By the way…

<The character you possessed in your work is a level 5 extra.>

<In a major event, the probability of death of a ‘Level 5 Extra’ is 99%.>

The original transcended story written by an extra, Lee Do-Hyun.

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