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Everyone Was Obsessed With Me After I Became the Youngest Princess Favorite

Author: 희윤 | Heeyoon

Alternative names: EOWMYPF, 막내 공녀의 총애를 독차지했더니 모두 내게 집착한다

Genres: Comedy, FantasyRomance

Translator: Bree | RJR

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 7]

Latest Releases:

While performing my duty as a top agent of the Information Guild, a sword pierced through my chest.

I definitely thought at that time I died without a hitch…

What? 8 years old?! Back to my hellish nursery days?!!

“Hi, I’m Diana!”

Just then, Diana, the youngest princess of the Duke of Elrad, appeared before me.

In order not to repeat the bitter regrets of my past life, I took care of Diana, and I was going to send this lovely daughter to the Duke of Elrad… but wasn’t she too nice to me?

“Sister! You’re really pretty! My princess! I’ll protect you!”

Then, Diana never wanted to leave me even just for a second,

“Am I an adult that you can’t rely on?”

“I’m sure I’ve warned you that men’s appearance isn’t everything!!”

Of course, the Duke of Elrad and his second son, who were known as indifferent to everyone except their family.

“I told you not to leave my side without my permission.”

Even the first son of the Duke, who’s famous for being cold, was acting strange!

I monopolized Diana’s affection, but why did everyone become obsessed with me?


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