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Don’t Be Obessed With An Extra

Author: 진주하 (Jin Jooha/Pearl Harbor)

Alternative names: DBOWAE, 엑스트라에게 집착하지 마세요

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Translator: clairee | Athanasia

Editor: Sefyna | CYL0

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 2]

Latest Releases:

Se-yeon died unjustly due to her boyfriend’s obsession.

Upon waking up, she found herself possessing an Extra, Princess Priscilla, inside a novel.

The extra character that appears at the beginning for a few lines and dies. On top of that, Priscilla was a concubine to a war-obsessed Emperor.

“The moment the Female Lead shows up, I can be free!”

I just have to survive until the Female Lead shows up, but why is the Emperor obsessed with me?


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