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Disobedient Minister Against Favors

Author: An Xueqi

Alternative names: DMAF, 乱臣逆宠

Genre: Historical, Romance, Shounen Ai, Yaoi

Translator: Bee

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 1]

Latest Releases:

Once crossing the road, facing the Emperor who claimed to hate him to the bone but overwhelmed him when he was not ready, Liu Yuzhen, as an Interpol agent, had only one thought in his heart, that is, to fight back, fight back, must fight back!!! However, the man is not only good at martial arts, but also has many peach blossoms (love affairs). He doesn’t want to be bent by this bastard. Out of thirty-six plans, the best is to get away at once (as long as one is not defeated, there is still a chance).

The Emperor of Yan, a tangled fellow, pinched his chin and asked; “Yuzhen, how good is it to be the King? ”

He pointed to his fingers… “Let me think about it”.

Turns out that the man whom Emperor Yan called ‘King’ was just his prime minister?!

Bastard, you’re tired of living. How dare you tease this policeman?!

Tsundere Criminal Police Vs Black bellied overbearing Emperor, the counterattack is imminent!


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