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Delicately Hiding

Author: 狂上加狂

Alternative names: DH, 娇藏

Genre: Drama, Historical, Romance

Translator: Emerald

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 2]

Latest Releases:

After being seriously ill, when Mian Tang’s eyes opened, she completely forgot what happened after her marriage.

 Fortunately, her husband, Cui Jiu, looks like an immortal and has a gentle temperament.

 He never leaves her alone when she is sick and is willing to spend his family properties to heal her…

Every day, Mian Tang wakes up in the arms of her handsome husband, and she always sighs: “What good virtue did I accumulate to have such a good husband to accompany me?”
Then one day Mian Tang regained her memory, looked at the mandarin duck handkerchief embroidered in her hand, and then looked at her husband, who kept pretending and scheming. She held back the swears in her throat and said: “Let’s stop pretending, Prince Regent?”


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