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Born as the Hidden Daughter of a Villainess and the Male Lead

Author: 이사빛

Alternative Names: BADOVAML, 악녀와 남주의 숨겨진 딸로 태어났다

Genres: Drama, Fantasy

Translator: Kindapitiedmielle

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 44]

Latest Releases:

Born as an extra in the completed novel. The main characters had their own happy ending, and they lived a peaceful life with their grandfather without any incident.

Suddenly, the original male lead came to me and knelt down.

“……? What’s going on here?”

“…..You.” Said the male lead whose eyelashes were shaking.

“You’re Mariette’s daughter.” I dropped the flower crown I was holding from my hand.

Who is Mariette? Isn’t it the name of the original villainess who lost everything and met a tragic end?

Then, I’m Mariette’s daughter? What a crazy thing to say.

At that time, I was seriously thinking about whether or not the male lead turned crazy after the ending of the novel.

“And… also my daughter…” The male lead said with tears in his eyes.


“I’m finally meeting you. I didn’t even know I had a child. Baby, I’m actually your father!!”

The moment when the male lead continued to speak mournfully.

Crying-! Someone suddenly came out and slapped the male lead in the back of the head with all his might.

Slapping- The male lead, who was hit in the head, passed out and threw his face on the dirty ground.

“Where did you lay your hands on, you bastard!”

Then, the grandfather, whose face was blushing, appeared and shouted aloud.

“You’re such a fool who doesn’t even know grace, how much my daughter suffered because of you and left, where are you shamelessly coming from?”

I stared at the male lead, who had his face savagely smashed on the floor, and Grandfather, who came with a bigger stone this time with a lot of energy.

It was the moment when the secret of my birth that I had never dreamed of was revealed.


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