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Back to 70 to Marry the Unlucky Male Partner

Author: 夜紫雨

Alternative names: 70MUMP, 回到七零嫁倒霉男配

Genres: Historical, Romance, Slice of Life

Translator: Phiphihi 

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 5]

Latest Releases:

Inexplicably, she had crossed over to the end of the 1970s and was thrown into the mountains. Fortunately, she is rescued by a handsome soldier. Only later does she discover that Brother Soldier is actually the unlucky male supporting role of a historical novel. He was used and deceived by the heroine in various ways and finally dumped on the grounds of the progressive new era not supporting arranged marriage.

Damn, will such a good Brother Soldier will still end up like that in the future? If the heroine doesn’t want him, then step aside and let me have a go.

But how will we live in a time that lacks modern food and clothing? Hey, I bring something different, now I can guide this male lead to be well-fed and make the heroine get mad.

Protagonist: Su Su | Supporting Role: Lin Chuan


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