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All of This for You

Author: 허윤

Alternative names: ATFY, 이 모든 건 당신을 위하여

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Translator: Shanoon

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 13]

Latest Releases:

“Aizen, the man she loved, died right in front of her eyes.

Roa knew Aizen’s life would be in danger if he married her.
Even though she knew, but she acquiesced in order to proceed with the marriage.

Everything is her fault.
It was her fault for not letting him go even though she knew.

After losing her mind at the sight of his brutal death, she woke up in the arboreal back garden of Count Clarion, where she lived.

She was given a chance to save him once more.
Today was the day he visited the mansion to ask for a wedding after the grand duke’s coronation ceremony.

“It seems like it’ll be difficult to be married to Grand Duke Tronet”

The Eisen who looked at her with eyes of endless love was no more. Filled with nothing but venom and possessiveness, he locked Roa, who pushed him away, in the basement.

“Why are you doing this?”
“Why are you pushing me away like this?”
“It’s all for you”
“I’m doing it all for you too”

A story of a woman who has to push away the man she loves and a man who has to lock up the woman he loves.


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