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After Rebirth, She Spoiled the Paranoid Master Ji

Author: Hao Anyi

Alternative names: AFSSPMJ, 重生后,她强宠了偏执季爷

Genre: Romance, Modern, Rebirth

Translator: BEEHIGH

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 1]

Latest Releases:

In the previous life, Ye He was a pure white lotus. She was tricked by her stepmother and stepsister, killed herself and the so-called Prince of the Capital who put her on the top of his heart. Reborn three years ago, the man’s breath lingered around her, voice cold, “Ye He, do you really hate me so much?” This was the day she was deceived to assassinate him. Fortunately, everything reverted back. Now, at present, Ye He’s IQ is online, and she is determined to be a black lotus.


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