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After My Dead Ending

Author: 남망사

Alternative names: AMDE, 나의 데드 엔딩 후에

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Translator: Bree

Editor: Doom_Chicken

Status: Ongoing

[Total: 4]

Latest Releases:

The moment death nears,
I realized that this world was only someone’s work.

My family died, my life was nothing easy.

It was all a device for the heroine’s awakening and splendid ending.

Everyone is happy except me, isn’t it too much?

‘It’s funny. Who’s gonna die?’

I didn’t care what happened to the damn novel.

I didn’t die in the original way, but I survived like a bad guy.

But… A romance that doesn’t exist with male lead’s older brother began.

“Do you like me?”

“It is precisely love. Aisa, please put me next to you.”


“Please, make me happy.”

You love me? That’s your stupid mistake.

But I’m not going to correct you for being mistaken.

You are a person of great value.

“You chose it.”

Saying so, I reached out and grabbed him by the collar and pulled him closer.

He was meekly drawn to me.

“If you hold my hand and leave this room, I’ll be happy for the rest of my life.”

I know many things will change if I hold his hand.

Nevertheless, that night, I held the hands of Norma Diazi, the most handsome man in the empire.


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