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NH Chapter 9


Chapter 9 – Fish Pond’s Newcomer

Gu He was immobilised on the wooden sofa at the fishpond izakaya. This type of “contact” with the sub-personality drains his cognitive strength and makes him feel hollowed out.

He took a sip of wolfberry water to suppress the shock, and then slowly recovered.

Gu He glimpsed back to his consciousness and noticed that the electronic panel was still there, but the hazy light and shadow were different.

The [Share] option is lit, and a prompt box will appear as soon as he paid attention:

“Currently the number of new shared contacts is: 0”

“Number of contacts available: 1″

“Contact 1, Nickname: None”

Gu He was ready to snort, but his sub-personality still haunted him, and she hadn’t forgotten to ask him for his name.

I don’t understand which nerve of mine has a problem, can it really be a fortune?

No, gotta be vigilant!

 “Does a psychopath realise he is a psychopath?” This is a standard question.

The explanation is that some people know and others don’t.

But there is an unbreakable rule: if you are certain that you are fine, you will almost always have a major problem.

Gu He grumbled to himself that he needed to figure out what was going on. If it was a mental illness, he had to figure out the symptoms and pathology.

[Database] still not opening; what the hell is the “program data” that the sub-personality mentioned?

He was researching when he suddenly heard the creaking sound of the door opening.

Gu He came back to his senses and saw that the sound was coming from the side of the small aisle, the metal door connecting the fish pond and the Li Cai club was opened, and a short fat man and a tall fashionable beauty came over, it was Fan Debao and Ayane Kumiko.

“Xiaohe, good morning.”

“Good morning, you two.” Gu He got up from the sofa, Miss Kumiko was still glowing, and she was dressed in a lovely patterned kimono.

Fan Debao is wearing sportswear with the words “Dongtu” emblazoned on the chest.

Lao Fan appeared haggard, with large dark circles under his eyes and bloodshot eyes. The most terrifying thing was that many blue veins on his forehead were bouncing as if they were about to rupture at any moment.

Lao Fan’s expression was nasty, as though everything was his fault.

Gu He scratched his head, what did Lao Fan do last night? Did you come back from Li Cai after having fun the entire night?

“How are you feeling?” Miss Kumiko inquired.

“I’m okay, that wine was strong, I’m still a bit dizzy and seeing hallucinations…”

“Hallucinations are typical; you’ll be OK in two days.” “Have you had hallucinations?” Fan Debao said, his face weird.

“No, it’s only a metaphor.” Gu He spoke swiftly.

He must conceal his tail. It’s doomed if they are aware that he may have a mental illness, especially Lao Fan this unfriendly fox.

“Are there any results from last night’s talent test?” he said to change the subject.

“Your skill is between third and fourth gear, so let’s simply give you the fourth gear.”

Fan Debao stated it hesitantly, demonstrating his disdain for his average qualifications.

But Kumiko grinned even more and applauded a few times, saying, “This talent is adequate, there is room for growth!  I spoke with Lao Fan and agreed to leave you to work in the fish pond initially, “

The fact that the overdrive gear was indeed an illusion, Gu He exhaled a sigh of relief, and it appeared that his life had been saved for the time being.

“I have a few more questions.” “Isn’t your name Ah Ming previously, why do you rename yourself Gu He?” Fan Debao inquired.

“I no longer wish to use the prior nickname. Gu He had only recently begun.”

Gu He answered naturally, it was much simpler to cope with Lao Fan than that sub-personality.

“What did you do in the voodoo ruins, and how did you learn so much?”  Fan Debao inquired once again.

“A lot?” Gu He said, “I’ve been on the streets since I was a youngster. I can do everything and know a little bit about everything.”

His answer is absolutely reasonable. Street people do not mean that they have no ability or knowledge. On the contrary, there are many amazing people on the street.

Especially in Liuguang City, the streets have their own set of skills, otherwise, how can street rats survive in this world?

“Well Xiaohe, you do have a special talent, which is not something ordinary wild dogs have.”

Unlike Lao Fan, Ayane Kumiko became more and more satisfied with Gu He, “That’s one of the reasons why I like you.”

“Okay, Lao Fan.” She persuaded again, “We finally figured it out, no problem, Xiaohe can do it.”

“Be more attentive in the future, the thermos cup you used will be deducted from your salary.” Fan Debao said gruffly to Gu He, reluctantly agreeing to the recruitment.

“Thank you Boss Fan, thank you Boss Kumiko… So what is my job, Cowherd?”

It’s good to have a hiding place, but Gu He feels a little self-pity.

He chose early on not to be a migratory worker, and he built his own mental health clinic, which was quite impressive.

I had no idea that after coming over, I would have to obtain his own standing through hard work again.

“If you are a normal cowherd go over to Li Cai’s side; if you are on the fish pond side, you do everything.”

Fan Debao’s face was fierce, “To be precise, you can do whatever I tell you to do.”

Gu He frowned and hesitated. This old guy had already thought about how to exploit him before he even started…

He seemed to see Lao Fan brandishing his whip and shouting to create surplus value!

“It’s not that serious.” Miss Kumiko saw Gu He’s nervousness, and said softly, “Your work is just like any other cowherd in the store. You will go there when you need to accompany clients and then learn everything from Lao Fan.”

 “Oh.” Gu He nodded, and then thought, what’s the difference between this and what Lao Fan said? …

“Then you must work hard.” “Graduate from Lao Fan as soon as possible, and become an extraordinary cowherd as soon as possible!” Ayane Kumiko said.

Fan Debao moved to the entrance and opened the glass door. The hustle and bustle of Shouhui Street, as well as its numerous sounds, were quickly integrated into the store.

The fish pond izakaya has opened its doors.

“Wipe the entire bar down.”

Fan Debao issued the first labour order and moved behind the bar, while Ayane Kumiko returned to Li Cai’s side.

Salary! Gu He has a lump in his throat, he hasn’t talked about salary yet!

Could he have signed a prostitution contract the instant he was abducted by Miss Kumiko yesterday?

He was dissatisfied, but as a gentleman, he didn’t want to argue with Lao Fan, who was tired and irritable and holding a chef’s knife, so he grabbed a cloth and got to work.

After wiping down the bar, he still had to clean the table. He could only take a sip of wolfberry water and watch TV a few times when he had time to spare.

After a while, he was exhausted, I don’t think I’m suitable for this kind of work, I’m more suitable for the kind of work that would sit on the sofa and chat with people…

At this time, a group of guests entered the izakaya, and Lao Fan said to him, “Go and greet the guests.”

Gu He saw that there were four or five black people, all with green-blue or red-purple double ponytails, wearing women’s sleeveless T-shirts and shorts, revealing arms and thighs full of tattoos, and their bodies were as strong as a member of the Arcade Gang.

Despite their stunning smokey makeup, one glance at them and you can tell they’re males; they all had Adam’s apples.

Sure enough, one of them said in a stout male voice: “Lao Fan, is there no one to greet us fucking n*****?”

“What are you doing?” Fan Debao urged Gu He in a cold voice, “Did ya think that cowherd only entertains female guests?”

“…” Gu He thought, well, I’m the small person here.(1)

People’s psychological differences have created various preferences and hobbies, and Liuguang City is an extremely diverse place.

Just be yourself and you’re done. It’s not surprising that you and the uncle next door tied the knot one day.(2)

“Welcome to the fish pond.” Gu He showed a professional smile and walked up to the guests, “Do you need anything?”

“He is the resident cowboy in the fish pond.” Fan Debao reminded behind the bar, “Today, as he is a newcomer, there will be no service fees for him.”

The bunch of black cross-dressed strong males looked odd, sat at the bar, and laughed:

“Yo, my brother!”

 “My dad is also a cowherd, you look a bit like my dad.”

“I’m not, man. Your mom doesn’t know who your dad is, but I’m pretty sure your dad is black.”

These muscular men looked at him with ambiguous eyes, as if to imply something.

Gu He smiled without saying a word, served them wine and food, and did his service.

Don’t look at me, man, there’s no drama, this cowherd doesn’t sell his body; even when he does, he only sells himself to beautiful clients. No, I’m not fragrant nonono…

  1. Referring to himself as not being inclusive\
  2. 喜结连理 tie the knot, marry

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