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NH Chapter 8


Chapter 8 – One Master, One Villain

“I have learnt!”

Elizabeth raised her eyes to the figure atop the throne.

That’s correct, she’s been attempting to generate a commotion for the past year, but it’s only because of her family background that she’s been allowed to stir trouble till now. Because she was considered one of the devils, it was the demons who let her.

But it’s one of her strengths…

Should she adjust her form and do things differently now that head-to-head isn’t working?

Consider this: how much knowledge and resources can you obtain if you are ready to bow your head to your family and accept your mistakes? So, how much progress can be made? Rather than as it is now, she could do lesser than what the street people can do.

Play to your strengths gradually; she will become the new trend, and she can do it.(1)

This is obviously what this strong man expects from her.

It is also in this strange dimension at the same moment.

Gu He thought the treatment was going well and that he was on the right road.

Because this personality is a person with a heroic dream who is befuddled, the “Hero with a Thousand Faces” by Joseph Campbell, a mythologist, mythological psychologist, and spiritual teacher, is the best treatment for her.(2)

Sure enough, when he pulled out a quote, it caused her attitude to shift dramatically.

“However, if I return to lurking, my family will undoubtedly control me for some time, and I will be forbidden from accessing many things.  Especially the program data, without the resources in this subject, and while under house arrest, it will be impossible for me to make any progress……”

Elizabeth inquired about the anxiety that was keeping her from making a decision.

Her family would not stop her from being cautious, and she may be confined to a social animal far from the supernatural realm.

“Well…” mused the strange figure. “So, do you want me to help you?” 

“Yes.” Elizabeth embarrassedly nodded. Was she asking for too much?

Subpersonality thinking at its finest.

Gu He sighed in distress, the truth of the matter was constantly sliding towards multiple personalities.

She is unwilling to go back and stay subconsciously, for fear that she will be punished and imprisoned when she goes back, and she will never grow up and come out.

Program data? What does it mean?

Gu He remembered that there is a [Database] option on the console. This hallucination really has something to do with subpersonality, and they are all related to their subconscious activities. I have to study the database when I go back.

The sub-personality feels that data can help her and wants more data, which is akin to wanting a stronger personality self.

“Don’t worry, I’ll provide you with the data.”

He had to agree initially, and the most important thing was to let her go back to the subconscious and then integrate.

“Thank you very much! So… what can I do to assist you?”

Elizabeth expressed her amazement and inquired, her tone firm but a touch weak.

What can she do against such a strong man? She truly has no idea.

But she felt compelled to ask since, in fairytales, the tutor always assigns the hero minor tasks, such as helping to pull out the sword in the stone.  What appears to be assistance is actually evaluation and reward.

When she thought about the Sword in the Stone, she immediately became excited.


Gu His heart skipped a beat; this subpersonality simply refuses to return to his subconscious and is still struggling.

A common manner of sub-personality is to want to do something about the main personality and decrease its initiative and existence worth.

He’ll be in big trouble if he gets too established.

But it can’t be rejected. One of the principles of Gestalt therapy is not to be too hasty, to integrate, and not to divide.

Gu He thought for a while and said seriously:

“Go and investigate the case of the organ truck in the sludge pond district. A lot of people died. There are more wild dogs in the city recently. It would be great if we could push through the investigation and give the wild dogs more opportunities to register their legal status.”

This is his main problem right now, legal status.

The news just now said that the police want to rectify the situation of wild dogs. Miss Kumiko also said that it is difficult to get an identity recently, but what he urgently needs is an identity. As long as this matter is resolved, even if Lao Fan and Miss Kumiko despise him, he can leave the fish pond.

However, in this case, the major personality is passive, and the sub-personality cannot resolve the issue.

Just let her look at her weight; don’t assume the main personality isn’t capable; she is.

“Understood, I will investigate it!”

Elizabeth was delighted and stirred, and she instantly thought that the magnificent light and shadow surrounding her were even more lovely than Liuguang Bay’s wonders.

She had witnessed the carnage of the organ truck in the sludge pond previously, and she was heartbroken for those who had died.

This powerful man is concerned about the wild dogs at the bottom of society, which demonstrates his heart and philosophy.

He appears to be a respectable individual!

“What shall I call you?” Elizabeth asked earnestly,


After Gu He suffered this, he could hardly sit still, his heart tightened and his spirit shook a little.

This is a villain! If he guessed correctly, she has a needle hidden in silk floss.(3)

Her issue is that she wants to emphasise the contrast between “you” and “I.” There will be a distinction with a name, and it will become two personalities, not two aspects of one personality, making integration more difficult.

I cannot continue in this manner; I must demonstrate might to frighten her; the primary personality is not easily bullied.

“You don’t need to think about names; all you need to know is that I know you better than you know yourself!”

“Yes, I’m sorry…”

Elizabeth trembled fiercely and hastily apologised after suddenly sensing the magnificence of a stormy wave.

Although this powerful guy is not a demon, he is no less easy to irritate.

And she truly posed a dumb question; how could such a strong individual just disclose her his genuine name and title?

He should be given an honorific title by her instead.

“Then.” Elizabeth had a thought. “May I address you as Master?”

hiss! Gu He held his breath and didn’t breathe, and he had a fresh comprehension of the sinister nature of this sub-personality.

Master? His former nickname was Instructor Xiaohe, is this sub-personality threatening him…

He thought it was getting increasingly difficult to maintain this connection, both mentally and verbally, and that it was nearly impossible to sustain it any longer.

He couldn’t help being a little scared. If he couldn’t take care of her well, he might lose his mind.

But if he can’t integrate her now, there will be no more chance!

Gu He thought of a way, and said in a roundabout way: “Whether it’s sunny or rainy, both are beautiful, they are all one.”

He just hopes she can grasp one truth: return to the subconscious, it doesn’t matter if you die as the rain has stopped, there is still me.

Please just go back to the subconscious!

“You go.” He didn’t give the other party a chance to speak again, “Our conversation will end here, I’ll find you again next time.”

“OK!” Elizabeth was still savouring the words full of Zen, “Master, thank you for your advice!”

She wished to say something additional to emphasise her resolve.

However, in a rush, the surrounding light and shadow flowed again, travelling at a very high speed, and all the scenery was pulled and broken, restoring the entire world to its former condition. She suddenly inhaled some fresh air again.

Elizabeth struggled for air, and looked to the side; she was still in her cluttered apartment room, and the morning sky was visible through the window.

She jumped up joyfully and dazedly, remembering the event that had just occurred; everything was coated in a dreamlike hue.

I’ve thought about it a lot, but I still don’t understand how that happened or how it was achieved.

“I made the correct decision! For a long time, the master has been following me; I am a hero!”

Elizabeth couldn’t help but jump up and cheer as she bumped into the room’s low ceiling. In anguish, she massaged her long navy blue hair, grabbed a small toy gun next to her, and swung it around.

Let’s fight, let all the children of Liuguang City fight!

After being happy for a while, Elizabeth did not forget the task assigned by the master. She found her cellular phone(4) on the messy floor and called her granny.

“Tell the family, I will stop causing trouble, and I will return to being Princess Seth,” she declared firmly as soon as the phone call was connected over there.

“However, I hope that I can maintain a good reputation in our group and not appear to have returned in a shambles.”

She said, “So I have a reason to return. To avoid the unfortunate case of the organ truck in the Sludge Pond District today, the municipal government should loosen up a little and allow more wild dogs to obtain legal status. I will also look at this topic.”

“It’s not tough, Miss; I’m delighted you worked it out.” The other end of the phone rang with a relieved elderly voice.

Elizabeth’s blue eyes were riveted, and she had to remember every word the teacher said. Today marks the resumption of her change.

Whether it is sunny or raining, all forms are heroes.

She must become the hero!

  1. 新事物 probably a patriotic gesture if I didn’t overread it, derived from the God Emperor XJP’s speech.  TLDR Meaning: new trends are good, and are invincible. Can topple old trends; old trends bad,
  2. Further Reading:
  3. 绵里藏针, a needle hidden in silk floss, soft on the outside but ruthless within


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