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NH Chapter 7


Chapter 7 – Mysterious Contact

Since last year’s 18th birthday gala, Elizabeth no longer resides in affluent areas such as the Garden District and the Acropolis District.

She was the most impressionable and brightest “Princess Seth” present at the gala that evening.

But that same evening, a calamity struck Liuguang City, when a fire killed tens of thousands of people in the Walled District.

The gala kept going. After the supposedly one-minute pause for prayers, everyone started laughing uncontrollably while discussing the next game, the upcoming party, and who was the next extraordinary person. Within their group, this is not a secret.

No one cares about the tens of thousands of lives that have just passed away.

Elizabeth, who was in the ball’s centre, saw everything that was going on and began to realise what was going on.

She is the young princess of the New World Bank Seth Group’s Sterling family. She has grown up in the greatest neighbourhood, attended the best school, and is preparing to enrol in the best university, Eden Lake University. But what of it?

She abruptly left the dance out of contempt. She was aware that if she remained there, she would never achieve her aspirations.  Even with her terrific talent of overdrive, she still broke off her relationship with the top circle, and it marked the start of a new chapter in her life.

But now that her “rebellious game” appears to have come to an end, the circle has dispatched someone to tidy her up.

Early in the morning, in this compact Jianggu District apartment…

That is where it happened. She was watching TV news while eating breakfast. Elizabeth clearly remembered that she did not come in contact with extraordinary equipments, she wasn’t in the spiritual network as well.

Suddenly, she seemed to be depersonalized due to the overspeeding of her nerves, and she was completely unable to react or resist. Her extraordinary abilities failed and the beating of her heart stopped.

Her books, papers, song tapes, video tapes, as well as various toys and weaponry that she was always hesitant to throw away, were thrown into disarray as she released the bowl of oatmeal in her hand.

The image on the TV screen flickered, and everything around was in slow motion, her soul was penetrated as if she was coming out of her shell.

The apartment room turned into a faraway, frozen, chaotic chaos. The night sky was lightly misting, and a murky green light emanated from the remaining lamps in the apartment building’s cramped hallways. A dark green hue covered the entirety of Liuguang City as the light broke through the rain and faded into the distance, lighting up the sky like fireflies.

With the illumination from the fireflies, the road to the Netherworld was clear, until the magnificent light drowned her.

Elizabeth’s brain was under the complete control of someone.

She, Elizabeth Sterling, “Rebellious Princess Seth,” is screwed.

“I look at you for a long time, I look at you for a long time…”

The screeching, indistinct voices, and the mysterious and inexplicable words created a terrifying unknown.

Elizabeth has connected to the spiritual world before, but this, this is different and wrong…

She could only see the hazy form in a bizarre flash of light and darkness. The majestic figure of the Netherworld Master(1) was perched on what appeared to be a throne and was clutching something that resembled a king’s sceptre in both hands.

Look at me for a long time? Elizabeth felt chills crawling up her spine.

When did this mysterious presence start keeping an eye on me?

She had no idea how much the other person had read or whether the deepest knowledge in her mind had been entirely revealed, and even memories she had long forgotten were shown in the other party’s mind at a look.

Attempts at resistance are futile, there is no escape from consciousness, and despair is spreading.

Elizabeth had to acknowledge that in the face of such a great force, she was as slow as a newborn.

“Regardless of how powerful the devil is.” “It’s still a demon,” she said, refusing to beg for mercy.

“Hmm…” The mystery person shifted slightly, then muttered vaguely, “You despise Santo Company.”

“You say less, I loathe the entire New World Bank,” Elizabeth scowled.

This year, she has been campaigning for a better Liuguang City. Her major business is to accompany a group of ambitious individuals inside the municipality to the court to initiate an anti-monopoly investigation against Santo Company.

However, this anti-monopoly lawsuit still ended in failure.

All of their efforts have failed to make an impact. And the game will be over as soon as the opponent moves a finger.

Just like her granny, who had raised her since childhood, had warned her:

“Miss Elizabeth, Santo doesn’t mind your antics at all, but don’t go too far with them.” To punish you, the family has agreed not to offer you with any special assistance until you wish to comprehend. There aren’t many people coaxing you, Miss, you’re a rare overdrive, don’t squander your talent.”

“Do your worst.” At this time, Elizabeth said eagerly, “Liuguang will eventually win!”(2)


Gu He sat on the sofa, holding the thermos cup tightly in his hand, staring at the female figure in the weird light.

Aside from his weird unscientific adventure here, he must prepare for the worst-case scenario, dissociative identity disorder, that is, multiple personalities.

This sub-personality should have dissociated not long ago. In reality, careful analysis will offer several hints.

Freud believed that the human psyche is bisexual, that there is no pure male or female, but rather a mix of active and passive aspects.(4)

He’s been passive since he transmigrated, especially after he saw a lot of cowherds (3) dressed in women’s clothing. His mental passivity was fostering the development of a feminine personality. 

According to Jung’s “androgyny” hypothesis, the “anima” in his soul burst out of the unconscious.(5)

A female personality that clearly despises the Santo firm and has fantasies of being victimised, which has put her in a victimisation predicament produced by both Santo and the world… (this sentence bruh)

This is clearly a psychological reflection of his discontent with his current situation.

So, why Santo? Because he had just watched some TV news, the affluent folks in Santo were the polar opposite of wild dogs.

What she just said about “investigation” means that the situational role she set for herself is an investigator in the Santo anti-monopoly case, probably a heroic role such as a police officer, a reporter, and a judge.

Gu He’s brain hurt even more after creating the psychological portrait of this potential sub-personality, and he possibly went insane.

The more intellectually insane you are, the more absolutely insane you are.

How did it come to this? Lao Fan’s cup of local wine definitely contributed.

Furthermore, this body was thrashed by the Arcade Gang, which may have harmed the brain nerves.

There are also undiscovered time-travel sequelae that are all probable…

“Uh…” He had to think hard about how to handle it, and he had to handle it cautiously.

This subpersonality made him feel suspicious, furious, anxious, and a little scared, which were all red flags.

Aside from medication, the major therapeutic approach for multiple personalities is “Gestalt therapy,” which is basically a sequence of positive self-observation, self-talk, self-comprehension, and self-reconciliation.(6)   

The primary personality, therefore, incorporates all the sub-personalities to establish a new personality equilibrium.

On the contrary, if you are unable to reconcile but also grow increasingly pessimistic and incapable of debating with yourself, then…

Various personalities will clash.

If the main personality loses, he will disintegrate in minutes, He will, at best, become a sub-personality, and at worst, he will disintegrate.

Gu He doesn’t like things like fights, this must be reconciled by himself!

He took a deep breath, treat her as a patient, treated her mentality, and made her happy…disappear.

“Actually, I dislike Santo Company as well,” he continued solemnly, “so how can I assist you?”

He was quite apprehensive since the other party’s request implied that this personality was difficult to cope with, that he was neither violent nor vicious.

He, a successful psychiatrist has long suspected that certain personalities are more than malevolent spirits.

Elizabeth, who was all ready to die heroically, was stunned, what the hell?

Does this existence also dislike Santo Company? So, where did he come from?

She glanced at the figure on the throne, gravely clutching a sceptre, the ghostly odd light and shadow were chaotic…

Elizabeth’s heart skipped a beat, and she felt a rush of conflicting emotions. Yes, the capacity of the other person was beyond her comprehension. How could such a prominent person be sent for something as little as cleaning her up?

Furthermore, if Santo wants to clean up after her, they only need to dispatch one murderer; if one isn’t enough, there’s a team, so why send out the powerful?

Could it be that the other individual is a friend who has come to assist her?

Her early obsessions with heroic stories resurfaced in her heart, and each hero had a mentor to assist her.

“Uh…” Elizabeth was sceptical and astonished. Is this an opportunity to seek assistance? Maybe there is only one chance. She had to be careful, and word her requests to be not unreasonable.

Those selfish heroes in the stories who want to let their mentors fix all of their issues will fail miserably. Heroes must walk themselves out of the abyss. This is the fate of heroes.

Mentors will provide treasures to assist heroes, but the most essential thing is to guide heroes to clear their minds.

Elizabeth thought to herself, “I’m terribly puzzled now, don’t know how to persist, and don’t know whether I’m a hero.” She becomes exhausted and thinks about her old life from time to time.

“Do you think… can I go on?” Elizabeth questioned automatically.

The stately figure remained motionless for a moment before gently saying:

“Nothing dies, only changes form, especially you, because you are what is being formed.”

Elizabeth’s heart was moved as she heard this.

For the first time, she felt so sure that this powerful man really came to help her. 

  1. 道幽冥主人 Think of satan, but scrawny and looks like an old Chinese guy.
  2. 流光 Liuguang will be mentioned a lot like the city name. It doesn’t have any special meaning as of yet but think of it as a dream and hope.
  3. 牛郎 cowherd, Remember that all cowherds are males.
  4. Young-Bruehl, E. (2001, July 15). Are Human Beings “By Nature” Bisexual? ResearchGate; Taylor & Francis (Routledge). GG I instinctively use APA format, doomed (◞‸◟;)
  5. ‌It’s a pretty interesting read, Further Reading:
  6. Further Reading:

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